Ole fashioned straw wreath

I wanted to do something different for this blog post other than the traditional scrapbooking things.  I was asked at Lori’s spring crop what project I was going to be making with straws (I had a bunch :D)  Well, those straws were just to be used for drinking with, but while I was in the dollar store recently, I saw Halloween old fashioned straws and it got me thinking.  The designs are pretty awesome and I wanted to make something out of them so I could keep them around.  I had seen straw wreaths on Pinterest and thought, I can do that!

Instead of a typical grapevine wreath to use as a base, I picked up a round styrofoam piece to use.  Then gathered the rest of my supplies.  I found the wire wreath also at the dollar store, along with the spiders.  Here it all is…


I then stuck the straws into into the sides of the styrofoam in a pattern, adding a bit of glue to help keep them in.  It then looked like this…


Afterwards, I painted the styrofoam black and let it dry.  Took a long time as the styrofoam soaks up the paint.  I then hot glued the wire web onto the styrofoam and then glued on the spiders.  I had a chipboard piece that said “Boo” so placed that also on the styrofoam.  Then it was finished!


It didn’t take long to complete at all and the whole thing cost under $10.00.  Thanks for looking and hopefully has given you some ideas to use with the old fashioned straws (which Lori sells in her store!)

Happy creating!

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